Monday, 27 January 2014

In ym last post I tlaked about how you can grow taller and I do really think it is important as how tall you are can really affect your confidence levels too  also people seem to ignore smaller people I dont really know why.. maybe genrally society just deems smaller people as weaker than others... which really is not nice at all.

My way to grow taller is better than yours!

 I have been looking everywhere to make myself just that little bit taller... I have followed loads of guides and have even bought books.... though it has got to be said that I am already pretty tall...I am not tall enough. From reading about stuff on height increase I have came to realize that there are 3 main ways to get taller.. and two of those main ways arent really helpful if you have stopped growing... like eating more fruit and vegatibles and stretching only works when your still in your teenagers and growing it really is no use when you stop because your bones wont be increasing in length because cellular growth stops... this means the best way is a trick when you have stopped... which Il tell you about right now!

Be sure to get some height increasing insoles! What on earth are height increasing insoles? most people ask me quite confused when I tell them what I am wearing... Usually I tell them after they say something "my my aren't you tall!" or something like that... Yeah truth is I am naturally quite tall but some of these insoles help me to be even taller. I first started wearing them after I stopped growing and I got upset by the fact that.. that's it no more growth and I am stuck at the height I am at... even though most people would love to be 6ft I wasn't. I then went online to see if I could find anything which would help me out... after a lot of trawling on the internet mostly reading a whole bunch of scams and people trying to sell me this useless idiots guide to growing taller..(I even did get that book but it turned out to be useless obvious information and not very practical at all)... I did however come across these insoles and thought that seeing as I tried everything else I might as well give them ago too... I was quite surprised how much taller just a pair of insoles can make you! I gained 3 inches easily and I am so pleased. Not only can you grow taller by wearing these shoe lifts these inserts also make wearing your shoes more comfortable too, dont ask me how that works though as I have no idea. Where I bought my height increasing insoles was from this online shop... there aren't many places I found that sold them really....also that website has a neat article that covers just about everything about growing taller too, so if you reading this you may want to read it.